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Cafe Note A6 - Grid

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After many requests to chop our A5 notebooks down to a smaller size, we finally decided it was time to make our own original A6 notebook.

It's the same thickness and page count as our A5 Seven Seas (Crossfield, Standard and Writer) series - just half the height and thus half the weight. And, since it's half the weight, it's possible to ship one notebook inside the USA by First Class Mail (around $4.00).

Performance and paper are the same as our A5: 480 pages, white TRP, lay-flat design. The cover is different though - rather than use the coated-fabric cover we opted for a slightly smoother coated-paper cover. We actually like this new cover a lot  - as much as the A5's fabric cover. It also comes with a dust jacket, which you can choose to use, or not.

The pages are printed with a 3.7mm grid, same size as the Cafe B6-slim, except that it's a full grid.

We hope you like this new notebook - and actually, after working with various larger notebooks over the years, such as our Seven Seas A5, L!FE B5, Tsubame, and even our own Cafe B6, my first thought when I opened the shipment was "Awww...how cute!!!". But since this is a serious tool, it's cute in a way that, say, laser watches, explosive pens, and miniature tape recorders are cute. In fact, if James Bond carried a notebook, this is probably the one he would find most useful.


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  1. Perfect 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 15th Dec 2018

    I had seen so many people using this and after watching a YouTube video I had to get one and I’m so pleased I did. The paper quality is amazing, the notebooks quality is superb, I wish I had ordered more, I would highly recommend this.

  2. Brilliant, but now we need this in B6 slim and A5 240 pages! Please! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 7th Dec 2018

    Okay, so this is a brilliant little notebook. Love it. 5 stars. Just so well done, bravo!

    However, I am asking for Dave to please consider a v2 version of the B6 slim grid with this exact same full page grid design (no extra "boxes" on the B6 slim!), and keep the same 384 page count on the B6 slim! That would be incredible too. Also, Dave, please consider making a 1/2 thickness of the A5 Studio Note with 240 pages! That would also be fantastic!

    Anyway, this little A6 grid is currently my favorite notebook, surpassing the current B6 slim (v1), just incredible. It's basically a Hobonichi without all the extra "stuff" that gets in the way. Brilliant.

    Thanks, Dave! Hope you make this version for many years! (And please do the other ones!!!) :-)

  3. very nice notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th Dec 2018

    Bought to replace my Hobonichi Techo as my daily carry as I bought the larger 5-year A5 for journaling.
    Great paper. Fits Hobonichi planner covers. No complaints.

  4. great little notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Oct 2018

    This book is the perfect size for a daily journal for me. The grid size is ideal for me as I have small handwriting. The paper is wonderful.

  5. perfect little notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 26th Oct 2018

    Everyone has pretty much said everything that needs to be said about this great little notebook. Love the TRP and the small grid (just like in the Hobonichi books). Plentiful pages. Using it to carry in my purse for journaling on the go!

  6. Extremely satisfying notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2018

    It's the same dimensions as a Hobo Techo, but the exquisite Tomoe River Paper inside is undated. Each page is completely filled with the grid. It's the perfect size, perfect weight - just all around a really beautifully made notebook. It also has a really wonderful paper smell - I can't stop putting my face in it.

  7. Perfect Bullet Journal 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 8th Sep 2018

    I got this notebook for my next bullet journal and it's perfect. I love that it has that small grid which will allow me to do Ryder's original vertical monthly log on one page. Most smaller journals don't have enough lines down the page to fit an entire month. I've been using the hobonichi books for several years but I wanted something blank so I could customize. This is the perfect alternative. I just love the paper, the small size, the small grid. Nothing to complain about here.

  8. May be the Grail 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 10th Aug 2018

    The Cafe Note A6 really hits the sweet spot for me: TR paper, many pages, compact size - small enough to be portable yet large enough to be useful. This to me is the ideal EDC notebook for journaling, lists, random thoughts etc. It has enough pages to last a while, which means fewer old notebooks to manage & search. I have the "cheap" notebook cover, which is good, but would like to have an MF Faux leather cover that fits. I have them for my A5 Seven Seas, and think they're a solid lower cost alternative to leather.
    Thanks Dave for making the Cafe Note A6 and please keep on making them forever.

  9. nice feel 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 22nd Jul 2018

    I bought this for my 2019 fauxbo A6. So I haven't actually used it yet but I have had it out and it looks to be comparable standard to the rest of their notebooks which I love.

  10. Awesome little notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 13th Jul 2018

    Having always used 8x11 notebooks, I wanted something smaller and ordered the Seven Seas A5 notebooks both the Writer and Crossfield. Love them both. Lately I wanted to start journaling and be able to take my journal with me. Given the size of the Seven Seas notebooks, this was not an option since I carry smaller handbags. I was a little skeptical of using a smaller notebook and decided to try a smaller a6 Rhodia (i had on hand) to see if I could convert. The Rhodia is a nice notebook but I have been spoiled by the finer Tomoe River Paper. Tried the smaller Rhodia for about a week and came to the conclusion that I really liked the smaller size. First purchase the Cafe A6 from Amazon during the time Nanami was closed for travel, used it for a few days and then ordered 2 more as backups from Nanami. I also order the A5 soft writing pad (which I cut into 2) and a6 blotting sheets. Love the Cafe A6 and will continue to order it.

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