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Clear Magnifying Book Mark


Look! It's a magnifier! No, it's a bookmark! How about both a magnifier and a bookmark?

Why would you need this? Well, at some point in our lives, we realize that we can no longer see up-close details as well as we used to, and need the assistance of a magnifier. Or perhaps you might find yourself in the great outdoors, and have a need to start a fire while taking notes. Or maybe you want something cool that serves no other purpose than to be admired.

Well, this nifty bookmark can fulfill all those needs! It's small (4x14cm) and light (a few grams), and can be carried anywhere, and is perfect for reading those tiny little characters in your Japanese planner or on your phone. In fact, I noticed that a co-worker constantly carried a bulky magnifying glass with her so that she could read her text messages - I gave her one of these, and she loves it, and as a bonus, no longer has to put up with jokes about Sherlock Holmes!

Made in Japan of of recyclable PET plastic; thin, tough, durable and simple. The magnifier must be held an inch or so above the surface you want to examine. The ribbon at the top may be red, blue or purple - no choice.


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