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LIFE L. Writing Paper L1007


Any letter written with this L. Writing Paper pad is sure to get noticed. It has 70 sheets of white paper measuring 250x177mm (paper size B5), with 19 lines spaced 10mm apart.

Also available with a pack of 10 E410 matching envelopes, which can be added as an option below, or purchased separately.

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Product Reviews

  1. Oh boy...wow. 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Jan 2015

    After a lot of time comparing all the options available here for an old fashioned letter writing pad, I selected this one based on page count. You get 70 pages instead of 30 or 50. The delightfully vintage-style cover is a bonus (and I think Dave is right about stuff like this surviving long after the pad is used up) but the real star of the show here is the paper.

    I honestly didn't know what to expect. I've used my fair share of papers now that I've been in this stationery hobby a few years, but this paper is flat-out impressive. The margins are wide and the ruling is too -- this is obviously designed for an elegant letter, the kind written with a dip pen in the 1880's or something. I like that the light grey-colored lines are subtle; if you're not looking closely once the page is filled up, it's as if they're not even there, and to the recipient of a letter written on this paper, you'll seem like one of those people who can write perfectly straight across a blank page. And the wide margins make everything seem "framed." I wrote a sample page, held it away at arm's length, and the entire effect is quite handsome.

    I disagree with the previous reviewer who called this paper toothy. Like all Life paper I've encountered so far, it is laid and watermarked, but I wrote on it with a variety of nibs and it gives a pleasant feedback, not a very apparent toothy feeling of, say, G.Lalo paper, 100% cotton paper, or even Tsubame Fools paper. Nor is it as smooth as Apica, Maruman, Rhodia or Clairefontaine, where your pen can sometimes skate across the page. You are aware that you are writing, but it is still pleasantly smooth with most nibs excepting dip nibs and Japanese extra-fine fountain pens. There is also very little ghosting/showthrough on the back. The paper takes ink very well. The dry times are long though, so have a blotter on hand if the need arises.

    If I was forced to find some negatives, an obvious one would by that the lines are only on the front of the page. The watermarking on the back could provide a ruling guide, but the spacing between them is much wider (though useful for the Japanese market and vertical kanji, I suspect). There also aren't many lines. This is for short letters only...though you do get 70 sheets, so you don't feel so bad if you have to use more than one.

    All in all I think this is a great buy. It is a premium product, with quality and character to back it up, and I think anyone receiving a letter written on this paper would be mightily impressed with it. I thank Nanami Paper for making these products available to the US market.

  2. Excellent letter paper 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Sep 2013

    This pad, and the Life "In Tradition" pad seem to use the same paper. This one has much larger margins, and 70 pages/pad, while the other has shallower margins and comes with a blotting paper atop its 30 sheets.

    Considering that both pads are aimed towards letter writing, this pad comes out to a much better deal.

    The wide rule makes it difficult to imagine taking either pad out with me, and so the deeper margins on this pad could either be ignored (but who really buys this kind of pad just to cram every page full to the brim?), or contribute to a more refined letter.

    The paper itself feels very smooth, and not overly thick. Each page has crosshatched watermarking comprised of thin vertical lines and evenly spaced, thick horizontal lines. The paper is very nice in both a visual and tactile sense, making it very well suited for written correspondence.

    The only downside is that the paper is rather toothy. While there was absolutely no feathering or bleed through from any of the pens I currently have inked (the widest nib being a western medium), drying times are consequently long. It is not a paper I would buy to, say, keep a journal, or write short stories on.

    Overall, this paper is excellent as a letter paper. It may not have the perfect smoothness when writing on it, and dry times may be too long for some people (Especially lefties!); but I would love to receive a letter written on this paper, and am willing to forgive its faults solely based on that.

  3. Beautiful finish 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Apr 2013

    I picked this up at a local art store in Minnesota. I am a calligrapher so love a nice paper! I was just looking for a beautiful writing paper. I love this maybe a little more than my Rhodia notebooks. It has a retro look with the lines not extended completely to the sides of the sheet. I look forward to each new sheet I take to write on!