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Mitsubishi Bank Paper Pad 45gsm Special Deal

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This is the 45 gsm (about 16lb) version of the venerable Mitsubishi Bank Paper.

Mitsubishi Bank Paper is an amazing letter-writing paper with just a touch of "madness" to make it stand out from other Japanese papers. Having said that:

This is one of those projects that didn't quite turn out the way we expected - but then again, there is nothing really "wrong" with the product itself, and the paper is still of very high quality, so we are offering it here at a substantial discount (in other words, we are losing money on it). This is the 45 gsm version of the excellent "Mitsubishi Bank Paper", and if purchased from Life Co., a similar pad costs about $15 by itself, BEFORE shipping from Japan. So this is indeed a very low price for 190-200 sheets.


What happened?

Basically, our printer here in the US didn't pad the paper according to our spec - for example, we requested a very stiff 50-point binder's board for the backing, but instead we got a 50-point notepad board, which is more common, but also not as stiff as binder's board. We also requested glue-top adhesive, which they did, but they also applied a little glue on the sides, to give it extra strength. That move made sense to the printer, but for us, it means that instead of tearing off a sheet from left to right, or right to left, as you would a legal pad, we have to pull straight up so as not to tear the corners (easy to do, but a minor inconvenience that we didn't want to pass on).

As for the matching #9 envelopes, they turned out great - but in the future, we may go to a different size - either larger (#10), or smaller (#6-3/4 or 7).

So, all of these issues add up to us offering this great letter set at a discount so that we can re-think the project.



  • Standard US Letter Size, 8.5x11 inches or about 216x279mm
  • Weight 45 gsm (copy paper is about 75 gsm, airmail paper about 30 gsm, Tomoe River is 52 gsm)
  • Plain paper (no lines)
  • 190-200 sheets, glued top
  • Paper is watermarked
  • Optional 25 envelopes, size #9, 66 gsm


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