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PEAK Ten-Power Loupe Magnifier


This 10x, 2-element magnifier from Peak Co. is our favorite diagnostic tool here at Nanami Paper - it is incredibly useful and handy for checking ink-on-paper quality for details that would be missed with the naked eye.

It's not the cheapest magnifier around, but still fairly inexpensive, and certainly not a toy. If you are at all concerned about qualifying the relationship between your ink and paper, this loupe will become indespensible.

Made in Japan; measures 40mm high and 32mm in diameter.


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Product Reviews

  1. See what your fountain pen really does to the paper 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 23rd Oct 2017

    It's really intriguing to see the different line contructs with different nibs and different paper. Where I expected to see a solid line there are really lots of "divots" at the edge of the line. This varies quite a bit with the smoothness/toothiness of the paper.
    Looking forward to use this as I practice nib tuning.

  2. A Nifty little Loupe :-) 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 17th Oct 2015

    I actually have 2 of these Peak 10X Loupes. When I purchased the first one, I immediately tried it out. I wrote a few words with my dip nibs and once they dried, I placed the loupe right over the words and Voila! The amount of magnification is just incredible and very detailed :-) I later used it to view the tips of my dip nibs, because my Waverly nib had become a little scratchy. When I viewed the tip under the loupe I could see that one of the tines was a little off, which I gently corrected back into place and it wrote perfectly :-) Theres a lot of uses for this Loupe but I have to say that the quality is wonderful and just what you would expect with a label that says "Made in Japan". There is so much detail that the naked eye does not see, but with this 10X Loupe I was able to see so much more with my writing and how the ink reacted on my different pieces of paper that I was trying out :-) It's a nifty little tool that anyone who loves to write and experiment with different kind of nibs and inks should have on hand :-)