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Japanese Binders

Japan has a very well-developed loose-leaf binder market, with binders, paper and accessories made by all of the major manufacturers like Kokuyo, Maruman, Lihit Lab, and others. We call it the Japanese Binder System, JBS, or J-Binder. In our opinion, the J-Binder system is the most extensive in the world, and offers the greatest range of quality, prices and accessories, and is a proven format, here to stay.


J-Binders come in three main paper sizes:


  • A4, which measures 210x297mm or about 8.3 x 11.8 inches (slightly taller and narrower than letter size)
  • B5-JIS, which is 70% of the area of A4 and measures 182x257mm or about 7.2 x 10.1 inches
  • A5, which is half of the size of A4 and measures 148x210mm or about 5.8 x 8.3 inches. This is the same size as the paper in the Seven Seas Writer notebook.


A great advantage of the J-Binder over other offerings such as 3-ring, Arc and Circa is the number of holes punched in the paper. A4 paper has 30 holes, B5 has 26 holes and A5 has 20 holes. More holes means more security because there is less chance of paper tearing out - the stresses of page-flipping on holes are spread across more holes. The 3-ring and 8-ring (Circa/Arc) systems have far fewer holes and thus more stress applied at each ring.


Currently at Nanami Paper we are concentrating on the B5 size. For decades, B5 has been the most popular paper size for college students, merchants and accountants (B5 pre-printed forms for bookkeepers are a niche market in itself). We also feel that B5 serves today's iPad and laptop generation well, as it is a good proportion relative to those devices and the bags that carry them. As a side note, for students, another great product is the Tsubame College Notebook.


The J-Binder system also has a wide range of available papers, from super-cheap ballpoint paper to high-end fountain pen paper. A couple of the best papers include LIFE and Kokuyo CYO-BO, both of which we carry. J-Binder paper is also available in various grid sizes, line pitches (i.e. 6, 7. 8mm) and line types, and you can even get "English Penmanship" and music staff paper. J-Binder also has accessories such as pouches and sheet holders.


Bottom Line: The J-Binder is a classic, robust system, wide and deep, with something for everyone, and will serve you well, now and far into the future.