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Cafe Note B6 Slim - Grid v2

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Nanami's Cafe Note v2 - Full 3.7mm Grid

Many fans of the A5-size Studio Note have found it a bit too large for everyday carry - indeed, lugging it in a briefcase, purse or tote can be tiresome over the length of a long walk or commute on the subway, and it seems to make sense to use it mainly in an office or studio setting.

But what if relaxing, people-watching, doodling, or creating your latest masterpiece in the warm, convenient atmosphere of your favorite cafe is daily necessity? Or if you're the more adventurous type, perhaps you need something portable, along the lines of a Grail Diary, to document your pursuit of the arcane, holy or downright supernatural, in a quest to save the world?

To those ends, we've created this "Cafe" -sized version of the Studio Note, with the standard "shinsho"*  book dimensions of 110x176mm (about 4x7 inches) and 384 pages. It's a modern size, very slightly larger than the Grail Diary, except with more and presumably better quality pages.

The result is a much slimmer format that's half the weight of the A5 Studio Note (216 grams vs 426 grams) and 3mm thinner (12mm vs. 15mm). The impression is that it's much more portable, far less bulky, and easier to carry. And, compared to the larger A5-series books, the cover is a bit thinner, more flexible and thus easier to fan through the pages.

But wait, there's more! Since the shipping weight is 360 grams or 12.9 ounces, a single book can be shipped within the USA via USPS First Class mail (under 15oz), which can be nearly half the cost (depending on where you want it delivered) than Priority Mail!



  • 110x176mm
  • 384 pages (192 leaves)
  • Dust jacket
  • Coated-paper cover
  • White Tomoe  River 52gsm paper
  • Pink blotter sheet included


* "Shinsho" is the 2nd most popular** book size in Japan, also known as "Slim B6". Shinsho books are primarily non-fiction.

** "Bunko", or A6, is the most popular size - mainly used for fiction. The Hobonichi Techo is A6-size.

The Shinsho and Bunko sizes were created for rail commuters that spend a lot of time standing in trains and hanging out in cafes between trains or after work.



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  1. Absolutely fabulous! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 5th May 2019

    The perfect size for class notes, nice weight and of course perfect paper. I like the new version as much as the old, I do kind of miss the larger boxes which I used for topics but still one of my favorite notebooks!

  2. The Best Journal; The Best Customer Service 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 4th May 2019

    It speaks for itself in terms of quality and writing experience. The shipping was so fast I wasn’t expecting it. I ordered late Friday night, almost midnight EST. It was in my mailbox on Monday. What?! I will forever order this as my journal so long as it’s made :)

  3. Cafe B6 v2 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 30th Apr 2019

    Arrived fast! I am on the southeast side of Florida. I ordered a few of these on Tuesday, April 23; I picked up the package from the post office on Saturday, April 27. The box was dented, but Nanami over pad their shipments, so my notebooks all arrived spic and span.

    The Cafe B6 v2 now comes with a white dust jacket, similar to the Cafe A6. The pages of the V2 are all grid . Each page has 28 grids across; 45 grid lines top to bottom. The current product photos are accurate.

    The previous Cafe B6 came in a slip case, similar to the slip cases of the A5 Seven Seas notebooks. Each page of the previous Cafe B6 had 27 grids across; 35 full grid lines top to bottom. At the top left was a rectangular box - 13 grids across; 4 grid lines tall. At the bottom of the page, there were 3 rectangular boxes - each box was 9 grids across; 3 grid lines tall.

    I actually liked and used those boxes - the top left box to note the day/date, weather (if unusual) and the 4 grid lines to its right for bullet lists. The 3 boxes at the bottom - to note places I ate at during travel. On regular days, I just wrote on them like they were normal grid lines. So I am sad to lose those boxes, but I can live with the current layout.

    I like this notebook very much. For my regular “journal,” I use the first 13 sheets to create 12 monthly spread calendars on the facing pages. This leaves me with 179 sheets to use for “journal” notes. I do not write daily, but when I do, I may write on more than 1 page. So the free form works well for me.

    I had previously, on a review of the Cafe B6 (the original version), expressed a wish for 12 undated monthly calendar spreads in the Cafe B6. I doubt that will happen.

    So, I am updating my wish to: 15 undated monthly spread calendar in exactly the same size as the Cafe B6 - made with TMR paper. There are options to buy undated monthly spread calendar to use with the A5 Seven Seas notebooks, but not for an exact size match to the Cafe B6.

    Thank you!

  4. Great Value and Quality 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 29th Apr 2019

    Love the B^ Slim Format. Paper quality is excellent and its just the right size for me. Highly Recommended

  5. Perfect Notebook 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 25th Apr 2019

    This updated notebook is perfect. The same high-quality Tomoe River paper with that wonderfully tiny grid but now without the blank boxes at the bottom and top - which were fine but often went unused in my journal. The size of this notebook lends itself to a portability that can't be beat. It's lightweight yet with enough pages to last a very good chunk of time.

  6. Bye bye puzzling boxes! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 24th Apr 2019

    My title sums it up: the same fabulous notebook without the puzzling boxes that wasted so much Tomoe River goodness. Snapped up two at once. Thank you!

  7. The Sweet Spot 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 21st Apr 2019

    I've tried the Studio Note and Cafe Note (all grid) in A5, A6, and now B6 Slim, and this is the sweet spot for me in both size and thickness.

    It can still slip in the front pocket of a pair of men's pants, but isn't as thick as the A6 Cafe Note. It still has plenty of pages, making it the perfect portable Bullet Journal.

    I love the fact that version 2 has the full 3.7mm grid, allowing for any layout you can dream up.

    Get them while they last!

  8. Love the new v2 - miss the bright red cover! 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2019

    These books are even better now that they are full page grids (I never knew what to do with the 3 boxes on the bottom of the old books, and not every page needed the large box on top). If there is one thing I miss, it is the bright red cover. I really liked the v1 cover's color. It's a small price to pay for full page grids.

    Side note: can you offer the paper cover in solid colors for these notebooks for individual purchase? I like the weight and texture so much more than the cheap plastic cover. I might buy some Kraft-tex and try to make my own.

  9. Cafe Note 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 20th Apr 2019

    This is a the perfect companion to the Gfeller cover. Love them both.

  10. New version 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 16th Apr 2019

    Some people in other reviews were complaining about the large boxes along the bottom and top -- happy to report that these are gone in the new version. It is a perfect notebook. It fits well in my traveler's notebook and I will probably use it as a planner

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